Demonstration Projects

Demonstration projects are small-scale, short-term projects that allow CRD and others to evaluate new, innovative restoration techniques. These projects will ultimately provide useful information for the design of future large-scale projects.

Small Dredge Demonstration Project

The three regional levee districts arranged for a small Amphibex dredge demonstration in early 2013 to demonstrate the capability of the levee districts to perform some of their own mitigation if they were to have their own dredge equipment. An Amphibex 400 was used in an already- permitted area near the Golden Meadow to Larose system, and the Department of Natural Resources covered implementation cost.

In addition to marsh creation, the self-contained and self-propelled Amphibex can clean and restore waterways and ponds, control vegetation, install pipelines and perform many other aquatic environment and environmental work tasks. The Amphibex 400 which is the smallest of the five machine Amphibex lineup is capable of being delivered on a single flat bed and self-unloading. This Amphibex only requires 18” of water depth for flotation, has a cruise speed of 5 knots and is capable of an excavation depth of over 20’.